Frequently Asked Questions....and answers

What is Ultrasound?

A device called a transducer transmits high-frequency sound waves through the body tissue targeting a specific area within the body (the baby as our target). The sound wave bounces off a medium and re…
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Do I need an appointment?

YES. We schedule by appointment only. Please call our office at 407-419-7584 to schedule now. We recommend scheduling well in advance. We are open from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm for your convenience.
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Can you tell me the gender of my baby?

Yes! All of our sonographers are trained to determine the gender of a baby and are usually correct, however, there is absolutely NEVER a 100% guarantee that the prediction is correct until the baby ha…
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Is Ultrasound safe?

According to the March of Dimes and the FDA, “the greatest danger to a pregnant woman and her unborn child is not actually the machine, but an unskilled operator who may make an incorrect diagno…
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